As a material, carbon provides virtually unlimited design possibilities. But designers are also severely restricted by the technicalities of rigidity, weight and geometry as well as the mounting dimensions required by components. Because getting envious looks from the competition is a declared JEALOUS goal, RADON designers have had a definite line to follow. The results are clear for all to see.


Modern, chiselled tube forms flow organically into an extremely well balanced frame design. The top tube encompasses the seat tube and continues seamlessly into the rear section. A substantial down tube branches out at the bottom bracket into distinctive looking chain stays which merge, as if from a single mould, into the seat stays at the dropouts. While the frame has a classical trapezial shape, the head, top and down tubes form a powerful box that conveys power and stability. Incisive, perceptible edges emphasise the rawness of the material as well as the artistry of the frame, and complete the unique JEALOUS.