Weight and stiffness have a negative effect on each other and therefore present particular design challenges. The challenge becomes even greater when you want to be the best in quality, durability and safety. The surface quality of carbon frames is easy to ascertain but to determine resilience, durability, and impact behaviour requires complex static and dynamic testing. The JEALOUS frame meets all the requirements of the stringent DINPlus standard. To achieve this without huge compromises on stiffness and weight, special attention was given to optimising frame layout and using high-quality fibre materials from market leaders. Lay up is asymmetrical, particularly along the chain stays, to achieve an ideal relationship between traction forces on the drive side and braking forces on the other side. Aluminium plates have been inserted at the rear of the bottom bracket and at the height of the chain wheel to protect the carbon from chain sucks.


Besides the test in the laboratory, practical riding tests are indispensable during the development process of a new MTB frame. Especially the RADON pro riders have completed many, many training kilometers to challenge the JEALOUS in every imaginable situation. But the toughest test iteself is the race course. The JEALOUS could demonstrate proof of his strenghts here, too.